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Fairway Villas Annual Meeting Notice

The annual meeting for the association will be held on July 15, 2015 at 6:00pm. The meeting will be at Greensburg United Methodist Church located at 2161 Greensburg Rd North Canton, OH 44720. The primary purpose of the meeting is to elect officers to the board and hear an overview of the association. There are two board positions open on the board this year. Each position carries a three (3) year term. If you are interested in serving on the board or know someone who is, a nomination form is being sent to home address.  Please return it to Grace Properties by July 13th.

We strongly encourage all unit owners to be present at the annual meeting. Kaman and Cusimano, the association's attorney, will be present to discuss a few amendments the board would like to have adopted to the governing documents.

Should you have any questions or concerns prior to the meeting please feel free to contact our association manager, Tiffany Owen, at either or at 234-209-9140




Fairway Villas, a condominium community, prospers through the cooperation of unit owners and residents working together for their mutual benefit.  Unlike an apartment complex, our community conducts its affairs through a unit owner’s association and its elected Board of Trustees.  Owners and residents are responsible for the maintenance and care of the interiors of the 104 dwelling units in our complex and the garage assigned to their unit.  The Board of Trustees, guided by the Association Declaration and By-Laws, coordinated architectural control and maintenance of the building exteriors, the common area and the limited common areas –lawn care, shrubbery and plants, the swimming pool, streets, security lighting and more.  While the Association, the By-laws and the Board work together to provide community services, resident cooperation is vital to its smooth operation.  The following Rules and Regulations are offered to help you responsibly enjoy our community.


The Board of Trustees consists of five members.

Up to three are Board Members are selected each year at an Annual Meeting of all unit owners held in July.  Service on the Board is a volunteer position – no member receives any monetary compensation.  The members of the Board of Trustees freely donate their time to assure continued improvements to Fairway Villas and strive to act in the best interest of the unit owners as a whole and are to be treated with respect for their efforts.


Professional management of Fairway Villas is provided under the direction of the Board of Trustees.  Full meetings of the Board of Trustees and the Management Company are held monthly, however, the Board members are in constant contact with the Management Company to address problems as they occur.   Because of the limited space available, it is impossible to permit attendance of non-board members without prior notice to the Board.  An annual meeting of all unit members will be every July and all are urged to attend this meeting which will be held in the common area.


Occasionally, when issues arise that need to be addressed by all unit owners, special meetings are scheduled and space is rented to accommodate these meetings.


The City of Green provides fire protections, paramedic and ambulance services.  The Summit County Sheriff handles the law enforcement.  Children attend Green Local Schools.


The City of Green provides fire protection, paramedic and ambulance services.  The Summit County Sheriff handles the law enforcement.  Children attend Green Local Schools.


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